Subscriber Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn’t my subscription started yet?
Please allow 6-8 weeks from the time you send your order to receipt of your first issue. Your start date appears on the emailed receipt sent at the time of your order. If you have not received an issue after at least two months, please use Subscriber Services to locate your subscription and confirm your start date.
When is my expiration date?
The date your subscription expires can be found on your issue mailing label next to the letters EXP. If you have additional questions, you may log into Subscriber Services at any time.
I missed an issue. What do I do?
First, keep in mind that as of July 2024, Puzzler will consist of double issues mailed bimonthly. If you have not received an issue by the 5th of the month that a delivery is expected, please use Subscriber Services to request a replacement. Please note we can only mail replacements for recently-delivered issues.
How do I change my delivery or billing address?
You can update your address, as well as handle many other subscription-related questions, by logging in to Subscriber Services.
I already paid but I got a bill/renewal notice in the mail. What gives?
If you have already paid or renewed and continue to receive notices from us, it is likely our correspondence has crossed in the mail. You can confirm your payment was received and check the status of your subscription anytime by logging into Subscriber Services.